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      Email: feichi@public.yc.js.cn
      About FeiChi Video
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            FEICHI TIRE is indeeded an auspicious name created for the organization.FEICHI TIRE's staffis a team of deligent people.From an ordinary enviroment FEICHI TIRE's members have established a world filled with warmth and affection and have created a path for China-made tyres to be exposed to the world.
             For the past 34 years,the people from FEICHI TIRE have toiled with "blood and sweat"and have developed our own set of value --INTEGRITY.
             We have found the very purpose for our existence --RESPONSIBILITY.   During this 34 year period,we at FEICHI TIRE have build up a strong bond of relationship--CONSUMER.
              Road is continuosly extending and the bridge is continuously spanning the rivers.
              Today,We are dressing our train of thought and clearing our view points,looking up at the vast sky and the earth,looking down at the plentiful species,thinking of advance and preparing for retreat.In this way we are going to communicate and exchange with other enterprise.
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